Metal Restoration Products


    • Metal ReSurfacer®: Restores metal and anodized aluminum frames to their natural sheen by removing the surface layer of the metal.  This will remove corrosion or surface stains without totally removing anodized coatings; will remove beginning stages of corrosion, but will not remove pitting. This product requires a polisher and pad in order to produce the most effective results on corrosion or heavy surface staining, but often produces great results with a white non-abrasive pad or Micro Fiber Towel.
    • EnviRestore® Metal Stain Remover: Use this product through hand application to safely and efficiently remove surface stains from anodized aluminum and aluminum composite materials while simultaneously installing temporary surface protection. Foam pads are available for the faster polishing of large square footage of metal panels. Use with a white non-abrasive pad, or Micro Fiber Towel.


    After restoration of the architectural metal surface, we recommend the use of the Metal Protector® Series products to help to protect the surface from further staining and or damage from the elements.
    • Metal Protector® MD: Installs an invisible, protective shield without altering the appearance of the metal.

    • Metal Protector® HD: leaves a glossy finish on the surface enhancing the appearance of the metal, in addition to installing a protective barrier. Fine mist spray application is recommended with this product.
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