Architectural Anodized Aluminum & Composite Restoration Products


A building’s metal surfaces, including window frames and aluminum composite panels, can develop the same unsightly stains that glass and stone develop. Detergent and other environmental grime collects on the frames, developing a high concentration of contamination. Often, window frames have many years of buildup that needs to be removed, since frames are usually not cleaned on a regular basis. Instead the opposite occurs since dirty water is deposited on the frames during the window cleaning process and never removed.


  • Metal ReSurfacer®: Completely restores metal and anodized aluminum frames to their natural sheen without removing or damaging the protective coating; will remove beginning stages of corrosion, but will not remove pitting 
  • EnviRestore® Metal Stain Remover: Designed to safely and efficiently remove stains from anodized aluminum and aluminum composite materials while simultaneously installing temporary surface protection


  • Metal Protector MD: Installs an invisible, protective shield without altering the appearance of the metal.
  • Metal Protector HD: leaves a slightly glossy finish on the surface enhancing the appearance of the metal, in addition to installing a protective barrier.
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