Glass ReSurfacer® Pad

The Glass ReSurfacer Pad is used in conjunction with the Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad and a Variable Speed Polisher.

This Glass ReSurfacer Pad is made from high performance materials that enable faster polishing rates than any other pad we have ever tested. This claim is made after testing dozens of different materials woven into hundreds of different pads.

Use these pads with the Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish to enable the effective and efficient removal of stains, surface damage and light scratches from all kinds of glass surfaces. This combination of products will not scratch or burn the glass, and produces a new highly reflective finish on tempered and plate glass surfaces. 

Each pad will last approximately 10 to 20 hours of continual use, depending on the manner in which it is cared for and stored.

We sell both round and rectangular pads for use with polishers or sanders. 


This Glass ReSurfacer 6" & 3" Pads are specifically designed to fit on the Glass ReSurfacer Backer Pad. The backer pad can be fitted onto any polisher with a standard
 5/8" threaded chuck.

The 6" pads perform best when polishing large uninterrupted sheets of glass. The 3" pads are great for polishing smaller pieces of glass, and for performing test areas. 

Glass ReSurfacer® Pad for motorized polisher - 6" pads - with hook and loop backing

Glass ReSurfacer® Pad for motorized polisher - 3" pads - with hook and loop backing


The 1/4 sheet polishing pad is designed for use with a standard palm sander, and helps to get into the edges of the window, and reduces over-spray when compared to orbital polishing methods. 

Utilizing a sander and this square pad is most effective when the surface contains light to medium staining; for example failing paint coatings or soap scum residue. For heavy staining, use an orbital polisher in combination with our 6" Circular Glass ReSurfacer pads, as can be seen above. 

Glass ReSurfacer® Pad for Random Orbital Sander - 1/4 Sheet - With PSA

This Glass ReSurfacer Pad is specially designed to adhere to a random orbital sander.

When combined with the Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish, it provides effective removal of light to medium stains from of all kinds from glass surfaces, without scratching or burning the glass. 

The pad measures 4.5” x 5.5” for seamless operation on 1/4-sheet sanders, and contains a pressure-sensitive adhesive which is specially formulated to withstand exposure to heat and water. 

This is an excellent option for metal panels with Metal Resurfacer, or for use with Glass Resurfacer on architectural glass.

Purchase 6" Pad For $21.60

Purchase 4 Pack of 3" Pads For $32.45

Purchase 1/4 Sheet For $20.77

It's important to clean the pad prior to use and every 15 minutes while in use to prevent contamination of dust or dirt which can cause scratching.

The pads are protected by a durable resealable plastic bag to ensure no contamination prior to use.
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