Scumfrees Professional Window Cleaning Concentrate

In order to maintain the glass after using the Glass Defender Series, use Scumfrees® Professional Window Cleaning Concentrate. This product is specially formulated for cleaning architectural glass without leaving an oily residue behind. Oily residues in typical surfactant based soaps and detergents attract, and glue, a variety of environmental contaminates to building surfaces, causing stains. Scumfrees dries to a powder instead of an oily sticky residue like all other window cleaning detergents. Scumfrees is free from ammonia and other harsh chemicals which can damage protective coatings on glass, metal and stone surfaces.  Scumfrees is a safer alternative to dish washing detergents currently used in the window cleaning industry.

This product is not designed for fast "blow and go" window cleaning.  It is designed for careful cleaning of surfaces protected by our Glass Defender Series.

View information on how our unique product helps to preserve a buildings exterior envelope longer than industry standard products and techniques and therefore saves a property and incredible amount of money over a 10 year period.


  • Won’t damage glass, metal or stone protective coatings
  • Safe for glass, metal and stone surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer than industry standard options
  • Biodegradable
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Dries to a powder
  • Specifically designed for professional high-rise window cleaning
  • Helps keep windows cleaner longer
  • Won’t jeopardize warranties for protective coatings on adjacent surfaces


For glass surfaces, but can be used on most hard surfaces, including metal, plastic and polished stone.


This is a biodegradable product which has been formulated to perform as a window cleaning additive for use with a brush and squeegee technique. This product was designed by professional window cleaners, and chemists, for superior results. Scumfrees removes surface contamination such as oil, soap scum, dust, dirt, minerals, such as silicates, calcium, lime, silica, magnesium, and many other commonly found contaminants from glass surfaces. Scumfrees effectively cleans glass surfaces without damaging Glass Defender® protective coatings. Scumfrees dries to a powder, unlike other oily surfactant products that can actually be the cause of stains on glass.

Scumfrees Professional Window Cleaning Concentrate Product Info Chart
Solvent Water Based
Flammable No
User Friendly Yes
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Color Green
Smell None


Vary concentration depending on surface conditions. Avoid using excessive amounts of product. In some instances, when glass is protected by the Glass Defender Series, only deionized water is needed. 


We recommend using this product with deionized water and clean window cleaning tools. Add Scumfrees to a 5- gallon bucket of water, and apply the mixture to the glass with a window cleaning brush.

Scrub the window to loosen all surface contamination. Use a squeegee with a new, sharp rubber blade to remove the solution from the glass surface before it dries. When possible, place your brush horizontally underneath the squeegee to catch and contain excess mixture in the brush. Use a huck towel to remove excess mixture from the edges of the window, the window frames and any adjacent surfaces. Scumfrees is designed to not cause staining; however, we recommend capturing as much dirty, soapy mixture as possible, in order to prevent the mixture from running down the structure’s facade.


Even though this product is designed to be an employee safe alternative, we recommended limiting bodily contact with any cleaning product. This material dries white. It is important to remove excess material; any residue left behind will be noticeable, especially on dark surfaces.


The information provided by Presto for the safe and effective use of this product, and all of our products, is believed to be good and accurate. However, due to the many different possible applications of this product, careful considerations should be made when selecting its suitability for each surface.

The information provided should never be substituted for individual testing to ensure the product’s compatibility with each surface intended for use. The purchaser shall assume all responsibility for determining the suitability of this product. When used as intended, this product will perform as stated. No other warranty can be made for this product, verbally or written.
Presto warrants this product to be free from defects. In the event this product is found to be defective, we will provide a sufficient amount of product to replace the defective product.

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