Presto Glass Scratch Removal System

This Presto endorsed glass scratch removal system is the fastest system on the market for stock removal of glass.

When comparing glass scratch removal systems, we look at simplicity, time to remove scratches, portability, and ease of use. After using all of the systems on the market, we have custom tailored this glass scratch removal system to include all of the items we look for in a system, and none of the drawbacks. 

This closed loop system sets up quickly and produces the fastest glass scratch removal on the market. It is simply beautiful because it is a one step system, so technicians do not have to learn how to use different grit abrasives in order to produce flawless results. This system will allow technicians to remove common scratches like those caused during construction clean up of windows very quickly. 

We provide the system seen in the picture adjacent along with an extra slurry bucket and 5 extra bags of slurry. The addition of an extra slurry bucket allows for continuous operation of the equipment when the water in the first bucket heats up to a point where effective polishing is diminished. 

1 Polishing gun
2 Slurry buckets
1 Pump up Lubricator
10 bags of Polishing Material
Accessories Kit including GFI, Power cords, and Cover Opener
Comprehensive Set of Maintenance Tools
Expendable materials including gaskets and polishing wheels
Operation Manual
Training Video

This kit includes everything one technician will need in order to stay on the glass for eight hours a day.  We recommend putting the slurry buckets in a rolling cart with an ice bath in order to help keep them cool during a full day of operation. 

*Manufacturer will not ship this product overseas due to incompatible voltage standards.

Presto Glass Scratch Removal System

Glass Scratch Removal System

Glass Scratch Removal System $3,070.00
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