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For nearly 20 years, our sister company, Presto Property Services has serviced the commercial real-estate market.  Over this time period our service company has commissioned legal counsel to develop some impressive contracts along the way. In addition, our service company created other documents which we feel may be useful to other service companies in the building maintenance and restoration industry.  In order to help other companies explore the use of our product line, promote a professional image, and save the time and headache associated with creating these documents, we are selling companies the right to use our documents.

In addition to offering contracts and tools of the trade, we offer consulting services for service companies in the building restoration and maintenance industry spanning from creation of similar documents to help running a service company.


Project Estimation Excel Spread Sheet - $5,000

This Excel Spreadsheet has been specifically tailored over the years to fit the exact needs of building maintenance and restoration.  This Spreadsheet can be used in order to estimate the various costs associated with placing a bid on even the most complex project.  It offers an easy to use, highly effective data input area which later separates square footage price, equipment, labor, products, taxes, insurance, supplies and materials for any service related project down to the penny. In addition, the spreadsheet estimates time of completion for the project which helps with project timeline development.

Call us today in order to discuss how this effective tool can decrease the time it takes to estimate jobs, and increase your calculations on your bottom line.


2 Page Proposal Template - $1,000

The most important step a service company can take is a well crafted proposal.  The bottom line is that this is the first impression many property managers receive from a company. This two page proposal is perfect for companies who want to keep the proposal simple. You can add onto these documents at a later time. 

  • Cover Letter 
  • 20 Page Proposal Template

20 Page Proposal Template - $5,000

We recommended this package for the majority of commercial exterior building restoration and maintenance projects. Your potential clients want to know the specifics about your service company before handing large projects to your company, especially when you are planning on asking them for a portion of the project up front!  This proposal template includes everything your potential clients need to know about your company before they have to ask.  It has been designed by marketing professionals in order to create an appealing, clean design, and written by professionals in your industry so that it includes the pertinent data your clients are looking for. 

This package includes the following items:

  • Cover Letter 
  • Proposal Document
  • Site Assessment
  • Scope of Work
  • Product Summary
  • References
  • Case Studies
  • Company Information

Custom Proposal Template 2 to 250 Pages - $200 per hour

We have helped service companies land single projects in the over $1M dollar range through creation of custom proposals. Our team of marketing professionals, and building restoration and maintenance professionals has over 10 years experience creating proposal for a wide variety of projects.  The next time your company has the chance to provide a proposal for an important client, call us in order to discuss how we can help make your proposal better than your competition, and help you land the job.


1 Page Service Agreement - $750

We recommend this contract for smaller projects under $5000.  This simple one page agreement protects your company from the most common liability issues, and is typically  small enough that the client will not need to send it to their legal department for approval.

3 Page Service Agreement - $2,000

This is a contract protects your service company from a variety of liabilities pertaining to exterior services. It specifically addresses liability associated with extended time situations, payment installments, etc. This contract is recommended for projects larger than $5000.

AIA Service Agreement nearly 200 pages - $200 an hour

For larger projects, or those managed by an architect, engineer, or construction company, AIA contracts are commonly used, and can be a nightmare to create.  Presto can provide our AIA template, and help tailor it to the needs of your project at our hourly consulting rate.


Non Compete / Non Disclosure Document - $1,000

When discussing employment prospects, or proposing a business idea, it is important to protect your company from those seeking to gain from your business model.

Subcontractor Agreement - $1,500

When using subcontractors it is important to protect your company from liability, and ensure you have an agreement outlining the expectations of your subcontractors.  This agreement is ready to be tailored to any project, and executed by both parties. This will protect your company legally from any unexpected surprises and will help to enforce the details of the original agreement.


Workmanship Warranty - $500

Workmanship warranties are standard in the building restoration and maintenance industry. Including this warranty with your finished proposal is a must. This warranty can quickly be adjusted to extend any length warranty desired.

Lifetime Glass Stains Warranty 1 Page - $1000

This one of a kind warranty is a must for closing glass restoration jobs.  It explains to clients that their building can remain free from glass staining if the the building is maintained in accordance with your specifications. After applying our glass protective treatments, we recommend providing this limited lifetime warranty stating that if the windows are properly maintained, and in the unlikely event that any glass stains form, you will remove them at no additional charge. This help make sure the customer understands the importance of proper maintenance for the exterior of the building. This is not a product warranty. Product warranties are obtained through Presto Restoration Products at no charge. 

Invoice Sample - $300.00

Your invoices should match the image of the rest of your materials. We can help tailor your invoices in order to provide a professional uniform image for your company.


Employee Handbook - $5,000

This detailed employee handbook was painstakingly created at a time when Presto Property Services had up to 60 employees in the field. It covers everything from company holidays to disciplinary actions.

Job Descriptions  - $750 each

Over the years, we discovered that the holding individuals accountable was best performed when they were aware of exactly which duties they were responsible for performing.  We can help you with this burden through templates discussing the following roles.

  •     Managers
  •     Team Leaders
  •     Team Helpers
  •     Manual Laborer
Safety Handbook - $10,000

This is 250 page safety training program covers the intricate details associated with high rise access work.  This all encompassing guide was created by our full time Director of Safety who was trained by the US Military.  This program was created specifically for our industry and covers all aspects of high rise access work.  The broad scope of this document covers everything from chemical applications, swing stages, and repelling, to self rescue, and more. With the high level of risk in this industry, this program is a must have for companies with over 10 employees.


Our team of marketing professionals has experience creating a wide array of marketing materials.  We have thousands of stock photos which can quickly be put into design in order to save you the headache of creating marketing materials in house.


Our consulting services are available at $200 an hour to further tailer these documents to your company.  

You agree to indemnify Presto Restoration Products, Inc. and Presto Property Services from any liability pertaining to these documents. We recommended that you have your attorney review these document to ensure all your needs are met.

You agree not to share these documents with any other company, and if you are found to have given, sold, leased or rented these documents to any other company or placed them available on the web legal action could follow.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these documents, contact us and we can do an online meeting so you can see the contents of the documents. We will not e-mail copies prior to receipt of full payment of the document.

All documents come standard in MS Word. Google Docs versions are coming soon.

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