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Building Restoration - Lake View One & Two

posted Feb 2, 2010, 8:21 PM by Judah Clark   [ updated Mar 4, 2016, 7:34 AM ]

Presto Property Services, Inc. completed the exterior restoration of Lake View One & Two at Sanctuary Park in Alpharetta, Georgia. The project was managed by Jones Lang LaSalle and Choate Construction Co. The entire project was performed using high performance building restoration products created by Presto Restoration Products, Inc.

The two buildings were built in 1996.  Despite standard building maintenance the window glass, precast concrete, and aluminum mullions became severely stained. 

The exterior glass surfaces were most likely stained as a result of a combination of the following issues: 
  1. Minerals leaching from the precast onto flush mounted window systems.
  2. Dish Soap used during the window cleaning process
  3. Tap water used during the window cleaning process
  4. Unprotected glass surfaces
  5. Failed water repellents leaching onto the glass
  6. To learn more about how and why glass becomes stained, follow the preceding link

Presto Property Services, Inc.
 was included in the RFP for this project. After visiting the site, and performing test areas using Presto Restoration Products, Inc., Presto Property Services, Inc. was awarded the project due to performing a quality test area,  the lowest prices, and the best warranties in the industry.

Please view our slide show demonstrating the condition of the building surfaces prior to restoration, the test areas that were performed to secure the project, and the finished results.

Challenges facing successful performance of this project included cold winter weather, more than average precipitation, and a two month time frame for end of the year completion. Due to exceptional coordination by Choate Construction, and Jones Lang LaSalle's commitment to an end of the year finish date, our restoration contractors were able to work nights and weekends, in order to get the project finished on time. 

The architectural window Glass was restored using the Glass ReSurfacer® System.  As you can see in the slideshow, this system produces some of the most impressive results in our industry.  The products used to restore the glass included Glass ReSurfacer® Final Polish and a varible speed polisher with the Glass ReSurfacer Back Pad and Pad. Presto's specialized microfiber towels were also utilized.

The Glass was protected with Glass Defender® MD a high performence silicone protective treatment.

The Precast was cleaned with Stone Restore® HD, Stone Restore CB2 and Stone Restore CT.

The precast was sealed using Elasticone Stone Sealant.  This product helps to protect the precast from further staining, damage, and helps to prevent leaching onto flush mount window systems.

The anodized aluminum window frames were restored using EnviRestore® Metal Stain Remover, and protected using Metal Protector®.

These two properties now have the option to use Presto Property Services to perform scheduled maintenance, and receive a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  This warranty  guarantees that as long as these properties are properly serviced and maintained using Presto, any stains forming on the glass will be removed free of charge. To learn more about Presto's specialized maintenance recommendation after restoration visit Increase Your Return on Investment

Thank you Jones Lang LaSalle and Choate Construction Co. for using our products and services.